How Can Regular Sessions of Cryotherapy be Beneficial to Health?

Cryotherapy in the past was used initially for aiding Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, over the years and in many medical cases, the many benefits of using cold therapy have been discovered. As a result, Cryotherapy is prevalent in social media today, with many fitness gurus using Cryotherapy as a means of body hacking. Cryotherapy triggers the mind and body’s cold-shock response, improving pain and inflammation and improving your mood and a healthy immune system.

What are the conditions that cryotherapy can help with? 

There is a plethora of conditions that can be supported by cryotherapy, including:
1. Muscle and joint pain relief
2. Better sleep and recovery
3. Anti-aging your natural skin glow
4. Mental Wellness and an Overall Brain boost
5. Increase Metabolism and burn calories

Muscle and joint pain relief Cryotherapy is effective in lowering pain and inflammation and will improve muscle recovery. In addition, it can help with aches and pains in joints. With athletic recovery, it is vital for an athlete at an elite level to recover as fast as possible after an injury. According to a scholarly study on Whole Body Cryotherapy or WBC, elite runners saw an accelerated recovery after using three WBC sessions.

Better Sleep and Recovery  “In 2019, a small study reported that athletes who received cryotherapy treatment after training in the evening experienced better sleep quality.” According to a study from Dr. Tom Ingegno, doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Charm City Integrative Health. He noted that cold therapy could improve your mental well-being and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, which people worry about, and stress at night.

Anti-aging your natural skin glow Cryotherapy is a natural and effective treatment that increases collagen production in the skin. This helps to decrease the signs of aging. After each treatment, your skin becomes firmer and toned, pimples are reduced, and weight from water retention will reduce. Cryotherapy is an effective way to help you to prevent wrinkles and skin aging by helping your skin to heal faster and reduce inflammation for that youthful glow!

Mental Wellness and an Overall Brain boost Cryotherapy offers more than a physical boost. Regular sessions have been shown to increase norepinephrine levels, which regulates vigilance, focus, attention, and mood. We recommend scheduling morning cryo sessions for vibrant energy throughout the day.

Increase Metabolism & Burn Fat  With regular diet and exercise, cryotherapy can be a tremendous fat reduction. When your body is subjected to cold, your metabolism increases, contributing to fat loss due to your body burning calories in the cold.

What are the three types of Cryotherapy offered at Kumefloat?

There are three types of Cryotherapy, each with its benefits.
1. cryotherapy
2. cryo facials
3. cryo tone

Cryotherapy, or Whole Body Cryotherapy involves entering a large chamber with your undergarments, gloves, socks, and face mask. Whole Body Cryotherapy provides both physical and mental benefits. WBC reduces pain and inflammation; it can improve joint function, support exercise recovery, improve performance and help with mental disorders.

Cryo Facials helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by supporting collagen production in the layers of skin, leaving the skin looking youthful—a natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant. With each session, your vessels dilate, and blood and oxygen flow to your face, giving your face a glowing look.

Cryo Tone is a treatment meant for slimming, toning, and reducing your cellulite by freezing fat cells on parts of your body. As a result, the parts of your body that is treated show elasticity increased collagen and tightening of the skin.

On Your First Cryotherapy Session 

Trying a new treatment can be daunting here at Kume Float. However, we want you to feel safe and comfortable, so we will educate you on how to use Cryotherapy and guide you through the process, so you have a fantastic first-time experience. On your first cryo experience, you will sign a cryo waiver. This will help you understand the risks and information before starting your treatment. Afterward, you will change into your appropriate clothing for your cryo treatment: a robe, wool socks, gloves, and a facemask. Please remember to be completely dry before going into the cryo machine. When you are done with your treatment, please hand us the robe back, and in the lounge, enjoy some refreshing tea while you warm up and your new refreshed cryotherapy glow and feeling.

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Cryotherapy is a great way to recover and rejuvenate athletes and hard-working people. Our three types of cryotherapy, whole cryo body to help recover from strains and pains, cryo facial for that healthy natural glow, and cryo tone, will help you be the best version of yourself.

To schedule your first appointment, call us at +1 (510) 607-8930 or book online at KumeFloat, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your session, so you feel safe and comfortable!