Sauna Benefits for Your Mental Well Being

Have you ever wondered why sitting in a hot sauna room or a hot bath seems to make you feel better? The simple answer is that an increased body temperature can be an antidepressant. So, with the winter months approaching and everyone inside their homes. So, why not go to a sauna and feel better instead of staying inside? According to Health Cleveland Clinic, they did a study on individuals with significant depression. Individuals with major depression were treated with a high-tech infrared heating device and observed what it would do to their depression symptoms.

Only after five days of the study, 16 individuals with significant depression see their depression scores reduced by 50% five days later. Another survey from Optimal Living Dynamics shows the effects of infrared sauna therapy on mildly depressed people with fatigue, appetite loss, and mental complaints after their treatment and found that the therapy increased their appetite and reduced their cognitive complaints.

Doing sauna therapy regularly reduces anxiety and depression. An Optimal Living Dynamics survey shows that a regular sauna lowers cortisol levels, your body’s primary stress hormone. Saunas also accordion to Optimal Living Dynamics increases relaxation and reduces feelings of frustration and anxiety.

Benefits of a Sauna Pod

The benefits of a 30-minute sauna session can aid in decreasing pain in the body by helping muscles relax. You may notice better sleep, weight loss, mobility, and stamina.

benefits of sauna

Before Your First Sauna

Hydration is vital, so drinking plenty of fluids on the day of your treatment will assist in perspiration and flush toxins. Please do not use the sauna if you have any open wounds. If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before scheduling a sauna session. Lastly, for your safety, do not consume alcohol, as this increases the dangers of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and more.

If you are unsure about doing sauna therapy, consult with your healthcare physician before sauna therapy as a means of regular self-care. Then, contact our excellent staff at kumefloat to schedule your float, sauna, or cryo appointment today.


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