How to prepare for your first float therapy session?

What is Float Therapy

Float therapy is a relaxing therapy session that involves a high salt concentrated tank that allows you to float on your back with your head partially underwater. Tanks are large so you can submerge your whole body in the tank. A floatation tank, or a sensory pod is a tank filled with 300 millimeters of Epsom salt and water heated to the outer skin temperature.

What Does Float Therapy Do?

Float tanks are soundproof and dark as you climb and close the pod. This gives a person the sensory deprivation feeling helping you to go into a quiet and meditative state while floating in the tank. The salt in the tank helps to relieve muscle aches and pain. The float therapy session takes about an hour to complete.

What Does Float Therapy Help With?

Sensory pods overall help with the ease in mental anxiety and muscle tension. The epsom salt in the tank when floating allows you to relax your muscles while floating in the tank. Epsom salts are high in magnesium and laying in the tank while you are submerged floating in salt will reduce your stress and improve your sleep. Today we are encountered with many stressors in our lives. Take time for yourself to enjoy a sixty minute float therapy session to reduce your anxiety and worries to increase your productivity in your work and home life. Float therapy has many health benefits such as:
Creativity Boost
Improved Sleep,
Relief During Pregnancy and
Tension Release
General Self-Improvements
Muscle Repair
Increase Productivity
Improve Immunity
Reduce Anxiety

benefits of float therapy

How to Prepare for Float Therapy?

If you are new to floating and you are not sure how to prepare for your first float. Here are some tips below to help guide you on your first float therapy session.

Don’t Drink too much before your first float.

Float therapy sessions can last about an hour or even longer. So do not drink a lot of water, juices, tea, or coffee before your first session to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Just to note that caffeine is also a diuretic this means this will increase your chances of needing to urinate.

Remove all your Contact Lenses and Glasses.

Before your first float session please remove any glasses or contact lenses as the salt water can damage and/or irritate the lens. You may want to tie your long hair before entering the float pod.

Enjoy Your Float in Silence.

Turning on a playlist or podcast is also an option for some people, but please feel free to enjoy the float in silence. Allow yourself to enjoy and get away from all the distractions such as cellphones and listening to music. Just focus on relaxing.

Don’t Shave the Day of Your Float and Careful of Healing Tattoos.

We recommend waiting to float if you have recently shaved/waxed or have healing tattoos as it may irritate the skin and cause discomfort.

What do you Wear to Float Therapy?

It is recommended to wear your swimsuit before your first float. You are allowed to bear it all to remove all distractions, since you will be in your own private rooms. But, if you feel uncomfortable it is okay to wear your favorite beach clothes to enjoy your float therapy session.

Is Float Therapy Safe During Pregnancy?

The number one consideration during pregnancy is always the safety and health of the mother and baby. But, if you have any specific medical condition or concerns about floating we recommend that you speak with a healthcare professional, so they advise you concerning your specific needs.

On that note float therapy is safe and not harmful in any way. The same restrictions on floating would be the same ones as that would be in place for swimming or taking a bath. More pregnant women are seeking natural solutions to the pains associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a sickness but a natural physical state. Float therapy is safe and an effective way to reduce the physical pains of pregnancy symptoms by the feeling of weightlessness when inside the water helping you to feel relaxed. 

Swimming is the best form of exercise during pregnancy, recommended by many doctors and physicians. This is because the weightlessness of swimming takes the pressure off your joints and the weight off of your back. When you are in a sensory pod you have that feeling of suspended in water with nothing pulling or pushing on you.

When you enter the sensory deprivation float tank with a positive view, you will have a better outlook when you leave. The potential benefits of float therapy to a pregnant woman will last beyond the length of the first session. This means you can continue to come regularly to Kume Float during the length of your pregnancy to maintain the health benefits. Many health care physicians consider float therapy a safe and natural way for self-care during pregnancy. You might find yourself wanting to come back to the float tank and continue floating after the baby comes. Many new moms appreciate the peace, quiet, and the feelings of relaxation of a float spa therapy session.

Ready for Your First Float

Are you ready to try your first float tank experience, then we’re here to help. We offer a range of options and bundle packages to combine your first float with our different services. Aside from float tank therapy, we offer cryotherapy, saunas, massage, and more. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, feel free to get in touch with us at our email and phone number below. To schedule your first appointment, call us at +1 (510) 607-8930 or book online at KumeFloat, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your session, so you feel safe and comfortable!

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